Social work is an action-oriented, value-based profession that assists people in our society who are facing problems. At Mount Mercy, the program is designed to give you an understanding of human functioning in contemporary society, the challenges and problems people encounter, and the social services available to them.

As a student you will develop:

  • An awareness of the interaction of biological, psychological, and social influences on human behavior within the social and physical environment
  • An understanding of the impact of prejudice, discrimination, and oppression on vulnerable groups within the society
  • An appreciation of and dedication to working for social, political, and economic justice
  • The ability to determine areas of social work concern and responsibility
  • Competence in entry-level generalist social work practice, with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities

This content in social welfare and social work is integrated with a liberal arts base. Many courses are offered by other departments that you are encouraged to take as electives. You will find that course work in political science, sociology, psychology, and criminal justice enhances your knowledge base for professional practice. Faculty also encourage you to enhance your foundation by additional course work in English, religious studies, philosophy, history, the fine arts, and offerings in other programs.

Complementary majors/minors include psychology, sociology, criminal justice and political science.

The department also supports the Social Work Organization. The SWO is for any person interested in the dimensions of social work. The club is oriented to the service mission of the University and gives its members the opportunity to take part in relevant volunteer experiences applicable to any major. They encourage members to take part in service through meal teams serving the local Catholic Worker Houses, forming a team for Mercy Hospital’s Race Against Breast Cancer, an overnight homeless experience/fundraiser, and various other campus-led service projects.