SGA Leadership

The Executive Council consists of elected SGA officers and cabinet members appointed by the president. The Executive Council is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the SGA, record keeping, finances, and the presentation of items of business for General Assembly action.

Aaron Lacy  |
The main job of the President is to preside over meetings of the General Assembly. Duties include acting as a mediator between students, faculty, staff, and administration; appointing committees; advising committees and clubs/organizations; serving on committees; representing the student body; and carrying out the day-to-day functions of the SGA.

Vice President
Sarah Moser  |
Assists with presidential duties and assumes these duties in case of absence or request. The vice president also serves on committees and serves as chair of the SGA Elections Committee.

Rebecca Redmond  |
Acts as executor of SGA funds and prepares financial reports. This person also prepares the budget and submits it to the Activity Fee Committee, chairs the SGA Budget Committee, and serves as the banking executive for all SGA clubs and organizations.

Elizabeth Schroeder  |
Keeps, distributes, and posts minutes of SGA meetings and prepares the agenda for these meetings. The secretary also carries on correspondence for the SGA and serves as liaison to the Busse Center.

The Cabinet

The SGA Cabinet consists of the following:

Club Coordinator
Amanda Broughtan  |
Acts as liaison between the SGA and its member clubs in an advisory way, prepares the club booklet, and coordinates the calendars of all clubs and organizations.

Communications Director
Hillary Kaefring  |
Assesses communication between students, faculty, and administration and develops means to improve it. Supervises the publications and correspondences of the SGA.

Administrative Assistant
Alexandra Moore  |
Assists the executive council by fulfilling various administrative tasks.

Ben Nelson  |
Assists the President and General Assembly in conducting meetings according to accepted parliamentary procedure.

Director of Technology
Gabriel Acosta  |
Maintains and updates Student Government web presence. Consults on other technology issues.

Activities Coordinator
Erik Ryan  |
Responsible for coordinating SGA’s appearance at orientation and college visit days as well as Campus Clean Up Day. Works with clubs to coordinate service and fund-raising activities along with the rest of the executive council and cabinet.


Advisors are faculty/staff members who serve as liaisons between the SGA and the faculty and administration. The advisors also perform additional duties as needed.

Staff Advisor: Sarah Botkin, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Activities  |