As a graduate of Mount Mercy's religious studies program, you will be well educated in the humanities and will have developed strong writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. You will evaluate arguments, study text, and appreciate the broad phenomenon of religion.

Upper level courses have a small teacher/student ratio, which allows professors to provide careful attention to your work. You will cap off your major with a placement in a pastoral setting, supervised by a person in ministry in the community. You will complete an individual research project and writing project guided by one of your professors.

As a religious studies major, you may wish to pursue a second major or minor in a compatible field such as English or history. 

Your background in religious studies will prepare you for such careers as teaching or directing religious education, or working as a pastoral minister. You will have the educational foundation you need to pursue graduate school in religion, philosophy, or many other fields.

You can also view course offerings and descriptions in the current course catalog. Please keep in mind that these are only representative of current offerings for the academic year. Classes can be added or changed as needed.