Clubs & Organizations

Art Club International Club Peer Ministry Team
Band Club Investment Club Political Science Club
Core Campus Fellowship MMU Dance Team Psychology Club
Criminal Justice Association M2AP - Board Science Club
Drama Club MMU Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon Student-Iowa State Education Association (S-ISEA)
Enactus Mount Mercy Cheerleading Squad Social Work Organization (SWO)
English Club Mouth Mercy Math Club (M3C) Spanish Club
History Club Mount Mercy Times Student Ambassadors
Honors Student Association MMU Association of Nursing Students (MMUANS) Students in Human Resource Management (SIHRM)

Hello and welcome to all first year and returning students to Mount Mercy University. Attending a small university such as Mount Mercy allows you opportunities to not only excel in the classroom, but to shine outside one’s classes in the form of various clubs and student organizations. By seizing the moment and joining one or more of Mount Mercy’s student groups, you are actively enriching both your learning and life experiences during your tenure here. By passionately participating in a student organization, you will make new friends and memories, broaden your horizons, and make your time at Mount Mercy wonderful and unforgettable.

Every club and organization at Mount Mercy is a unique experience and opportunity. You will be able to find one (perhaps even more than one) that fits your passion. In joining these student-driven groups, you will cultivate your passions and those of your peers as you determine the path that the club or organization takes during the year. With that regard, I urge you to seriously consider joining one or more of Mount Mercy’s clubs and organizations.

Contained within the Clubs and Organizations Booklet, you will find a brief synopsis of what the 20+ student-driven groups Mount Mercy have to offer you. Take a few minutes out of your day to glance through the booklet and discover what entices you. If you are interested, feel free to contact the listed club officers with any questions or requests for further information. Should you want to expand upon what is currently offered in terms of clubs or organizations, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Mount Mercy University Student Government Association (SGA) listed in the beginning of the booklet.

Your time here at Mount Mercy University will be a wonderful experience. I cannot wait to see you around campus and get to meet you during the year. These years are some of your most important. Seize this opportunity!

Benjamin Nelson ’15, President

Mount Mercy University
Student Government Association