Biology Degree

A biology degree from Mount Mercy University explores a wide variety of topics including biostatistics to genetics, ecology, environmental science, molecular and cellular biology, and human biology including related topics of chemistry, physics and mathematics

Biology majors receive preparation for careers in medicine, research, teaching, conservation and more. In Cedar Rapids, eastern Iowa, and beyond, students looking for excellent pre-med preparation often major in biology at Mount Mercy University.

Specific career paths for biology majors include physician, physician assistant, physical therapist, educator, and lab technician. Mount Mercy offers pre-professional tracks for biology majors in areas such as pre-medicine, pre-physician assistant, pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, pre-dentistry and forensic science.

A biology degree also gives students the opportunity to pursue multiple career paths from industry, to environmental, to health-related fields, or, to continue their education in medical school or graduate school.