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Busse Library provides these titles and websites for students and faculty seeking information about women's history. Books listed here are a sampling available in the library and elsewhere. Websites reflect selected topics.


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Busse Library Resources

  • Beasley, Maurine Hoffman. Taking their place : a documentary history of women / c1993. PN4888.W65 B45 1993
  • Bryan, Sharon. Where we stand : women poets on literary tradition / c1993. PS151. W4 1993
  • Duby, Georges. A history of women in the West / 1992-1993. HQ1121. S79513 1992
  • Fonda, Jane. A century of women / c1994. Video HQ 1426. C4
  • Franck, Irene M. Women's world : a timeline of women in history / c1995. HQ1122. F69 1995
  • Lerner, Gerda. The creation of a feminist consciousness / 1993. HQ1121. L47 1986 v.2
  • Matthaei, Julie A. An economic history of women in America / 1982. HQ1410. M37
  • Miller, Paige Putnam. Reclaiming the past : landmarks of women's history / c1992. E159. R42 1992
  • Riley, Glenda. Inventing the American woman : an inclusive history / c1995. HQ1410. R55 1995
  • Schaefer, Claudia. Textured lives : women, art, and representation / c1992. PQ7133. S33 1992
  • Scott, Anne Firor. Natural allies : women's associations in American history / 1993. HQ1904. S28 1993
  • Smith, Lisl. Women's history : a patchwork of many lives / j 305.4 Sm9 q
  • Wheeler, Marjorie Spruill. One woman one vote : rediscovering women's suffrage / 1995. JK1896. O54 1995
  • Woloch, Nancy. Early American women : a documentary history / c1992. HQ1410. E15 1992


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