Mustang Stories

Mount Mercy University is a proud stepping stone on the journey our students and alums make toward their futures. People are achieving great success here on the Hill, and we’re proud to see how our coMMUnity helps all of us grow.

A good beginning

"Mount Mercy gave me the confidence and tools to take on new things and instilled a drive to want to continue learning every day."
Kevin Foht '10

With a long-standing tradition of excellence, it's no surprise that our students and alumni go on to do amazing things after their time on the Hill.

We're proud to serve as a stepping stone for students on the way to chase their dreams. Below are just a few selections from our students and alumni who have a story to share with the world.

We love to hear about the influential stories of our coMMUnity members. All are welcomed to reach out and share your story with us.

"A good beginning is of great importance." — Mount Mercy Foundress Catherine McAuley

Jacob Perks '21, '23 MSL

A Catherine McAuley Scholarship recipient, Jacob Perks ’21, ’23 MSL wanted to make the most of his time at Mount Mercy University. He found opportunities to give back to his community on the Hill and to the larger community of Cedar Rapids.

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