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Mount Mercy University serves as a resource to ensure Catholic K-12 schools within the Archdiocese of Dubuque and other dioceses have a wealth of opportunities for students and educators to learn, network, and collaborate.

Serving Students & Educators


Students at participating Catholic schools can take courses at their school or remotely for college credit.

Student Workshops

Mount Mercy hosts workshops for Catholic students to build leadership and other impactful skills.

Educator Workshops

We provide opportunities for educators to engage in faith-based workshops that meet their unique needs.

Opportunities for Students

We provide opportunities for Catholic high school students to deepen their faith and expand their knowledge through courses and workshops. Our programs for high school students include:

  • Dual enrollment courses taught by Catholic high school teachers in partnership with Mount Mercy. Students receive high school credit and Mount Mercy credit.
  • Remote courses taught by Mount Mercy instructors to students at participating Catholic high schools for Mount Mercy credit.
  • Catholic High School Leadership Institute (CHSLI) offers a high-quality leadership and service opportunity for Catholic high school juniors.
  • Spark, a two-day summer parish apologetics workshop for Catholic high school students, helps form the Catholic faith of students and teaches them how to discuss their faith in a non-combative but forthright manner.
  • The Catholic School Teachers Academy is a collaboration between Mount Mercy’s Religious Studies Program and Education Department to increase the number of teachers for K-12 Catholic schools.
Marcel Kielkucki

Beckman Catholic is pleased to partner with Mount Mercy University to enhance our dual-credit offerings. They have been great partners and are very interested in working with us to make this a win-win opportunity.

Marcel Kielkucki ’02
Principal | Beckman Catholic High School

Opportunities for Educators

We strive to provide opportunities for educators to explore their faith and to connect and collaborate with one another.

  • The Forward in Faith Conference brings together Catholic K-12 school teachers and administrators to form connections and engage in professional development.
  • Ignite is an online faith formation workshop for K-12 Catholic school faculty, staff, and administration. It provides quality Catholic content and activities to form the faith of the Catholic school personnel.

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Associate Professor of Religious Studies
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