Management for New Managers

With faculty experts and interactive sessions, we can help enhance your team's talents to empower the next generation of managers, mentors, and motivators.

Management is a discipline, not just a title

Invest in your current employees with crucial professional development.

Good, qualified managers are integral for a business to prosper, yet lack of consistent training is one of the most common reasons talented people leave.

Training and development opportunities help employee retention and satisfaction, but they also build a secure foundation for success. With our market-driven curriculum and expert professors, we teach new managers vital skills to enhance the strengths of their team and the success of their businesses.

Twice A month


Onsite Training

We come to you



Engage, train, and retain your talent

We come to you.

Mount Mercy faculty will come onsite twice a month to lead trainings specifically designed for new managers. Employees will gain valuable insights and build skills connected to human capital principles, research analysis, budgeting, forecasting, organization, and planning.

Built for today's dynamic business environment.

We'll gather twice a month to unpack the skills necessary to move from an individual contributor to a manager. Each session will cover a new topic, including:

  • 10 keys to a successful transition and making sure you have the right people at the right time
  • Team dynamics and building a strong team
  • Thinking beyond the day-to-day tasks and developing a growth mindset
  • Delegating effectively and creative conflict
  • Coaching 101 and feedback for growth
  • Performance management and basic laws for new supervisors
  • Communication matters and choosing to change

Mount Mercy offers the opportunity to learn the tools necessary to achieve your goals. Ask yourself if you could achieve that goal without the educational advantage. If you are still on the fence, call Mount Mercy and talk to someone.

Tom Budde '17