Why Give: The Economic Impact

Supporting Mount Mercy makes good economic sense.

 An August 2010 Gazette editorial put it this way:

“Continued expansion of Mount Mercy’s educational offerings won’t only benefit Mount Mercy students, faculty and staff. The school is making a commitment, an investment that is good for the Cedar Rapids community and region. It expands education choices and helps the local economy.  We welcome even more community visibility from this can-do institution.”

 The Gazette got it right: Supporting Mount Mercy helps Cedar Rapids and our regional economy. Consider this:

  • Mount Mercy University has 7,000 alumni, faculty, staff and students living, working and serving in Linn County. Mount Mercy graduates are leaders in fields that impact our community—from healthcare and business to education and public safety.
  • Mount Mercy’s product is our people. Each year more than 70 percent of Mount Mercy’s graduates—about 300 skilled employees—join the Eastern Iowa workforce. As employees with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, Mount Mercy graduates earn higher wages and contribute higher property taxes.
  • Mount Mercy is an engine of job creation – both among our employees and in the future employees the institution educates. In 2009, Mount Mercy employed 291 people, of whom 68 percent worked full time.
  • Mount Mercy University provides opportunity for local youth to reach their full potential, and, in turn, become long-time members of our economic community. In 2009–10, 94 percent of Mount Mercy students came from Iowa, and 75 percent of our graduates live in the state.
  • Mount Mercy has a $25 million operating budget, which officials certify produces a local economic impact of $75 million. Additionally, Mount Mercy’s impact on the local economy extends far beyond payroll and employee spending. The University’s purchasing and construction expenditures are other direct impacts. Plus there’s the multiplier effect, wherein some of the money Mount Mercy pays local suppliers and contractors is used to buy goods and services from other local companies.
  • In 2009-10, Mount Mercy provided $8.1 million in institutional scholarship support to undergraduate students, including $576,000 from scholarships established by donors.
  • Our employees, students and alumni are committed to personal volunteer service to their communities. Mount Mercy students alone performed 12,466 hours of community volunteer work in 2008–09.

 A contribution to Mount Mercy University is an investment in the future of the Cedar Rapids region.