Where You'll Live

Housed on a hill nestled in Cedar Rapids’ historical Mound View neighborhood, Mount Mercy’s main campus is safe, charming and full of life.

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Our housing options range from traditional two-person rooms to eight-person suites. All residence halls have separate floors reserved for male and for female students, and our student rooms come equipped with Internet connections, basic cable television and a telephone line with a private extension. 

Campus Housing Options

Regina Hall

Regina Hall is our first-year student residence, housing 180 residents. Regina is a traditional-style hall that offers double rooms and a small number of singlerooms; every room is equipped with a sink, but bathrooms are communal. Although the hall is coed, the floors are separated by sex. MMU providesa desk, dresser, bed and mattress, and closet for each occupant. See inside »

McAuley Hall

McAuley Hall is a suite-style hall, housing first-year and sophomore students. Residents have their choice of quads (two people in two rooms) and triples (three people in two rooms). Each quad and triple has a private bathroom shared by both rooms. MMU provides a desk, dresser, bed and mattress,and closet for each occupant. See inside »

Andreas House

Andreas is a suite-style hall with three wings reserved for upper division students.Each suite houses twelve residents across four bedrooms (three each) and includes two restrooms, a vanity area with four sinks, a kitchenette, and common area. See inside »

Lower Campus Apartments

Four buildings comprise the Lower Campus Apartments, which are reserved for upper division students. Each two-bedroom apartment in Lower Campus houses four residents and offers a private bathroom, common area, and kitchen. See inside »

Hazel Houses

Several of the houses in the Elmhurst/Hazel Island are available for MMU students to reside in. Houses vary from two to four bedrooms, but every house includes at least one living area, one dining area, and a kitchen.Students must be 21 or over, in good financial and conduct standing with MMU, and have a 3.0 GPA minimum to be eligible for Hazel House residency. See inside »

Residential Amenities

  Regina McAuley Andreas Lower Campus Hazel Houses
Basic Cable
Private Restroom  
Tunnel Access    
Kitchen Public Public Public • 
Vanity/Personal Sink
Laundry Provided free
on campus
Ice Machine
Loft Kits