Visual Arts & Business Administration

The visual arts/business administration interdisciplinary major is for the student interested in combining business and art into a broad-based area of study. This area of study offers a grounding in both visual arts and business administration for students interested in careers in arts investing or art markets.

Students take a selection of core business and art courses, complete an internship, and choose between the senior seminar in business or the senior thesis courses in art. Students interested in pursuing graduate work in either field may want to take additional advanced art or business courses as electives to gain depth in a concentration area. The visual arts/business interdisciplinary major provides both left- and right-brained students an academic outlet toward “creative corporate” careers.


Mount Mercy offers an internship program that is designed to provide practical, on-the-job experience to complement your academic studies. As an interdisciplinary major, you are required to do a three-credit hour internship to complete your major requirements. Internship opportunities include working at art galleries, media companies and design organizations.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates with a visual arts/business interdisciplinary major can pursue a wide range of career options. Your job opportunities include gallery management, online marketing, website management and design. First year graduates report salaries ranging from $35,000-40,000.* For more information on job opportunities, visit Mount Mercy Career Services

What Our Graduates Say

“Mount Mercy is the perfect place to get your degree because you will receive a well-rounded education from dedicated professors who want you to be successful even after you leave Mount Mercy…Service learning, one-on-one academic advising and faculty connections throughout the community make your Mount Mercy experience something that will continue long after graduation.”

– April Hageman ’08, Graphic & Advertising Coordinator, Altorfer, Inc.

Program Preparation

 Although the business program does not have specific admission prerequisites, the following high school classes are recommended: 

  • English, four years including literature
  • Mathematics, three or more years including algebra, algebra II and geometry
  • Social Studies, three or more years including American and European history
  • Science, three years including two or more years of a laboratory science
  • Foreign language, two or more years

Go to Admissions for more information about applying to Mount Mercy. 

Learn More

For more information, view the university catalog or contact the major coordinators:  

Kathryn HagyKathryn Hagy, MFA
Associate Professor of Art
Chair, Department of Communication, Literature and Arts


Bob WalkerBob Walker, MBA
Associate Professor of Business
Chair, Department of Business