The Value of Mount Mercy

A Mount Mercy University degree offers value that goes well beyond standard forms of measurement: a practical, challenging education for undergraduates, graduate students and adults; strong programs; life-changing student-faculty relationships; research, internships and study possibilities; and a Mercy heritage of compassion and service.

Mount Mercy provides value in the areas of: Foundation, Affordability, Student Experience, Mercy Tradition, Community.


  • Mission & Values
  • Brand Promise:
    We are the regional Catholic, Mercy University that promises students of diverse backgrounds, ages and faiths a challenging, practical education that inspires them to discover knowledge, build community and lead courageous lives.


  • 99 percent of traditional undergraduate students receive some form of aid from Mount Mercy University or the government.
  • According to average Midwest tuition and fees costs as reported by College Board, Mount Mercy's tuition and fees are $2,000 less than other private four-year colleges.
  • Mount Mercy’s class of 2011 had one of the lowest rates of indebtedness at graduation, lower than many other private four-year colleges in Iowa.

Student Experience

  • Mount Mercy offers a distinctive, faith-inspired, quality and practical education where liberal arts and professional preparation are embraced.
  • Mount Mercy offers study abroad opportunities in more than 23 countries.
  • Faculty-led study abroad and service learning programs are available in different majors, such as business, social work and education.
  • Faculty and students collaborate on research ranging a wide variety of disciplines such as chemistry, biology, history, human resources, psychology, computer science, mathematics, art and graphic design.
  • The faculty includes Fulbright fellowship winners.
  • Students can join 30 different clubs and organizations on campus.
  • More than 60% of graduating students have completed an internship, field experience or practicum.
  • Of the graduates who responded, from the 2014 Graduation Class, 97.1% of graduates report either being employed or going to graduate school within 9 months of graduation.
  • In 2014-15, Mount Mercy counted 28 National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Scholar-Athletes in our 15 varsity sports. A total of 92 Mount Mercy student-athletes earned academic all-Midwest Collegiate Conference.
  • One out of two undergraduates graduate with honors. 2014 Graduating Class - 50% graduated with Honors.
  • The top majors of the 2014 Graduation Class: Nursing, Business, Accounting, Marketing, and Management.
  • Mount Mercy’s faculty is the heart of the institution. Faculty members are encouraged to take part in community presentations, conference presentations, research, and collaborative projects that involve Mount Mercy students. Together, Mount Mercy students and faculty have delved into myriad academic areas as they engage in research projects that cross multiple disciplines and academic majors. Mount Mercy faculty are recognized by peers and colleagues for their outstanding work, professional service, and continued education.  

Mercy Tradition

  • Mount Mercy invites students and employees to create or strengthen their relationship with God, with self and others though a variety of opportunities and activities, including Liturgy (Mass), community prayer, celebrating the Sacraments, academic programming and sharing faith.
  • The Sisters of Mercy are called to serve in several areas of Critical Concerns, including: Advocate for Justice, Earth, Immigration/Migration, Nonviolence, Poverty, Racism, and Women. 
  • Ninety-three percent of Mount Mercy University’s service projects in 2012-13 directly addressed the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concerns. 
  • The Mercy tradition and focus on critical concerns spans a student's academic career through the Core Curriculum which includes portal courses, domain courses and capstone courses.
  • Mount Mercy students and employees live the mission of the Sisters of Mercy through a robust academic curriculum, volunteerism and service learning and through relating to the global community.
  • In 2014-15, Mount Mercy students, faculty and staff volunteered more than 10,190 hours; In 2011-12, 384 students and employees participated in various projects.


  • Of the 2014 Graduating Class, 93% of Mount Mercy University graduates remained in Iowa to work after graduation.
  • Mount Mercy values the fact that its students, employees and alumni support the local Corridor area through their work and volunteer efforts.
    • Mount Mercy employs more than 300 faculty and staff members each year.
    • Through wages, salaries and benefits, Mount Mercy contributes more than $17,000,000 into the region each year.
    • Mount Mercy contributes nearly $8,000,000 in operating dollars to the local economy.
  • In 2014-15, 129 volunteer service projects were carried out. 27 various local community and extended community organizations were impacted through service projects.
  • In 2011-12, Mount Mercy students, faculty and staff directly served approximately 27,000 community members. 
  • In 2014-15, Mount Mercy faculty, students and staff provided 10,190 hours at an average value of $235,083.
  • Over 40 educational events, with the public invited to attend for free, were offered throughout the year by Mount Mercy.
  • 100% of volunteers who responded to a survey regarding their service experience, indicated the service-learning project was a valuable learning tool.


(Data updated June 2015)