Undergraduate Programs

Choose from more than 35 majors and as many minors housed in eight academic departments. Mount Mercy is famous for our professional programs in nursing, education and business administration, but we’re equally excited about in-demand majors like criminal justice, biology, journalism and international studies. 

As an Accounting major you will develop the ability to compile financial statements and analyze complex data while becoming proficient in relevant computer applications. To enrich your knowledge of the field, Mount Mercy offers a broad range of upper level electives which cater to specialized interests and future career options.

The actuarial science degree will give students a strong analytical foundation and powerful insights into how to manage risk while studying courses in math and finance.

Applied Management is designed for students transferring from a two-year institution who have a background in a technical specialty. The major provides students opportunities to broaden their knowledge of business and understand and manage the forces of change affecting organizations in a business environment. 

Majoring in philosophy enables you to pursue an academic study of ultimate questions about human life. Courses include the traditional study of metaphysics, epistemology, and history of eastern and western philosophy, while emphasizing logic, ethics, and the application of philosophical thought to contemporary problems.


The Mount Mercy Art Department prepares students to meet contemporary challenges in the field of fine arts, graphic design and art education. A highly professional course of instruction, featuring a variety of visual and aesthetic approaches, leads to the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree.

The Biology Progrm at Mount Mercy aims to deepen your appreciation for the life sciences and to increase concern for living things and their environment. Another goal is to help you develop the intellectual competence and the technical skills necessary in your chosen career.

Business degrees are available in an accelerated format for working professional students through evening and online courses. There are a variety of business-related majors available for traditional undergraduate students such as Human Resource Management, Marketing, Management, Accounting and Finance.

Studying chemistry can be the ticket to getting a great job, an advanced degree or just a better understanding of the complex world in which we live. Chemists are interested in the physical and chemical properties of matter.

The Communication major is designed to enhance students’ skills and understanding of either verbal or media communication through two major tracks, in preparation for any career that heavily emphasizes communication practice.

The computer science major prepares students to be professional computer programmers or to enter graduate school in Computer Science. CS students at Mount Mercy University can design their own program of studies by choosing or creating their own multi-disciplinary "Area of Specialization." 

Creative writing is a fun and practical complement to any major.  As students produce their own fiction, poetry, and personal essays, they stretch their imaginations and develop their abilities to collaborate and communicate. 

For students interested in law enforcement, corrections, law, juvenile justice or private security. Students progress through a liberal arts-based criminal justice curriculum, preparing for graduate school and/or careers in criminal justice-related fields.

Mount Mercy’s education majors prepare reflective teachers and leaders informed by scholarship, grounded in best practice, enriched by caring, and committed to responsive service in the “Mercy Tradition."

At Mount Mercy, we give you the tools to become a well-rounded, well-prepared teacher who will help their students succeed in today's diverse classroom. We offer programs in general education, concentration in a major field of learning, and a sequence of education courses leading to your professional licensure by the State of Iowa.

As an English major at Mount Mercy University, you will develop the skills that employers most value -- the skills of writing, researching, speaking, and thinking.

The environmental justice minor prepares students to think critically about global environmental issues, to assess the impact of human activity on the natural environment, and to address issues of social injustice.

The Film Studies minor offers an overview of film culture, major historical & critical trends in film studies, analysis of cinematic form & style, & the relationship between film & culture. 

Employment of financial managers over the 2006-2016 decade is expected to grow by 13 percent. According to the U.S Department of Labor, personal financial planners and financial analysts are two of the fastest growing occupations.

Accomplished faculty members are paired with students to optimize their fine art degree by choosing a focus and building a class plan around their interests. Art scholarships are available to incoming freshmen with an interest and talent in art. 

The graphic design major at Mount Mercy University provides a strong technical and conceptual foundation for future designers of printed work and web designs.

The healthcare administration major prepares students for professional administration position in all areas of healthcare and healthcare services.

A history major gains a deeper understanding of the human condition and the relationship between historical developments and contemporary social/political trends. As a history minor at Mount Mercy, you can combine an interest in history with one of a number of other majors offered by the University.

The management of human resources has become one of the most important aspects of business management today. Mount Mercy's human resources management students understand the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and lead employees in any area or level of the organization.

The visual arts/business administration interdisciplinary major is for the student interested in combining business and art into a broad-based area of study.  Major course requirements include a business component and an art component along with an internship experience.

Mount Mercy's international studies major offers you an understanding of the social, cultural, economic, and political relations of various nations, and an appreciation of international politics and an expanding global economy.

The Journalism major will prepare students for a career in the news media or related professional writing fields. It can open the door to working in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and/or specialized media-oriented careers in politics, government or the corporate realm. 

The Mount Mercy management major prepares you for a leadership career managing processes, people and/or organizations.  A wide variety of electives enable you to pursue special interest areas including international business, banking and finance, economics and human resources.

A marketing major prepares you to add value in a variety of organizations.  You will develop an understanding of the marketing planning process in a changing business environment, with the goal of making socially and fiscally responsible decisions.

The mathematics program at Mount Mercy will give you insight into the nature of mathematics as an intellectual discipline. A fundamental understanding of math will help you develop powers of clear and logical thinking, accuracy, flexibility in problem solving, and clarity and precision in expressing mathematical ideas.

By combining your interests in science and the medical profession, you are on track for a career in the rewarding field of medical laboratory science. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in medical laboratory science prepares you to work in a medical setting and to perform important laboratory tests crucial to the well being of patients.

Mount Mercy's music department is committed to providing a comprehensive music background that ensures you will be grounded in all areas of music. You will learn the fundamentals of music theory, progress to the study of advanced harmony, and investigate formal structures and conceptual techniques.

Mount Mercy University’s music education degree program provides the best music education major possible through education in comprehensive music background along with teacher preparation courses.


While educating you for general practice and community nursing, Mount Mercy’s nursing program emphasizes the leadership role of professional nurses. If qualified and if space allows, you will enter the nursing major in the fall term of your second year and go on to complete six semesters of nursing along with other college core courses. 

Mount Mercy’s Outdoor Conservation major provides coursework for students who wish to pursue careers in parks, natural resources, conservation-based organizations, and other outdoor careers. 

As a political science major at Mount Mercy, you will have the unique opportunity to pursue your individual interests. The program seeks to meet your needs for liberal education and career preparation. 

Pre-law is designed for students interested in pursuing law school after graduation from Mount Mercy. This minor is a great addition for students working toward a degree in criminal justice, policital science or any major at Mount Mercy including the traditional “law” majors such as English, philosophy, or history.

In Cedar Rapids, eastern Iowa and beyond, students looking for excellent pre-medicine preparation can major in the sciences at Mount Mercy University. 

The in-demand area of occupational therapy aids people who have experienced a disruption in their regular life-routines due to physical or emotional illness or disability. Students working toward an occupational therapy career benefit from coupling this pre-professional track with majors like biology.

Physical therapists understand the muscles and movement of the human body. This pre-professional track in unison with another Mount Mercy major like biology, prepares students with the knowledge to pursue a graduate degree in the field.

Students planning to graduate from Mount Mercy and continue their education in pursuit of a career as a physician assistant often pair this pre-professional track with a science major.

Mount Mercy offers several tracks that provide coursework to satisfy admissions criteria to medical schools and related programs such as dentistry, veterinary medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy and others.

As a psychology major at Mount Mercy, you will prepare for entering a human service profession, such as clinical psychology, counseling, or a related field. The department of psychology presents a scientific approach to the study of individual behavior and experience.

Students who graduate with a Public Relations major may be employed in traditional public relations positions (media relations, employee relations, community relations, event planning, fund raising, corporate communications)

As a graduate of Mount Mercy's religious studies program, you will be well educated in the humanities and will have developed strong writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. You will evaluate arguments, study text, and appreciate the broad phenomenon of religion.

Mount Mercy's science marketing program is an innovative major that blends an interest in science with a business edge. Students interested in careers in science, medical, or pharmaceutical sales are great fits for this hybrid major of science and business courses.

At Mount Mercy, we give you the tools to become a well-rounded, well-prepared teacher who will help their students succeed in a diverse classroom. We offer programs in general education, concentration in a major field of learning, and a sequence of education courses leading to your professional licensure by the State of Iowa.

Social work is an action-oriented, value-based profession that assists people in our society who are facing problems. At Mount Mercy, the program is designed to give you an understanding of human functioning in contemporary society, the challenges and problems people encounter, and the social services available to them.

The sociology program at Mount Mercy addresses sociological issues pertaining to self, social groups, social and cultural values, family and community relations, economical and political relations, race, ethnic, gender, and class stratification, the city and the nature of social organizations.

With a Spanish minor, students will be able to: communicate effectively; understand Hispanic cultures; connect Spanish with other majors; make comparisons of languages and cultures; and participate in a global community of Spanish speakers.

A minor in writing allows students to take courses in Professional Writing, Introduction to Language, Creative Writing, and Writing and the Analysis of Literature. Students will learn to write occupational letters, reports, and letters of job application geared to the student's individual professional needs.