Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Mount Mercy strives to keep tuition rates affordable for students and families. In fact, Mount Mercy's costs are among the lowest in the region for students seeking a private, four-year education experience.

The costs below are estimates for 2019-20 tuition, room, and board. Exact costs may vary. Financial aid and scholarships are available to offset the costs of your education. If you have questions about living expenses, please contact us at studentfinancialservices@mtmercy.edu or by calling 319-368-6467.

2019-20 Cost of Attendance (full-time, resident students)

Tuition $32,862
Fees* $1,000
Room/Board** $9,915
Total $43,777

*Student activities, technology, and wellness. 

**Normal capacity room / 14 meals per week (Blue Plan)

Detailed Tuition Rates

Academic Year
Full-time traditional $32,862
Part-time traditional $996/credit hour
Part-time fees (activities, technology, wellness) $375 per semester

Fall/Spring Room Rates

Room Type

Charge per semester
*Detailed 2019-20 TBA

Regina Double, McAuley Double & Triple (normal capacity room)
Andreas Triple $2,648
Lower Campus Double $3,070
Double-in-Triple McAuley $2,880
Hazel House $3,150
Single-in-double Reginal, McAuley, Andreas, and Lower Campus $4,500

Board Rates

Rates are based on average number of meals per week.

Charge per semester
*Detailed 2019-20 TBA

Blue Plan: 14 meals per week $2,464
Gold Plan: 19 meals per week $2,598
Mustang Plan: 7 meals per week (only available to Juniors, Seniors, Grad students) $2,006