Transfer Orientation

Transfer students are already skilled college students but starting at a new university can bring new challenges. Group registration dates are organized so you can take care of all the details of starting classes at one time. Take the next step and sign up for a registration date now!

Orientation/Welcome Week

All new students are invited and encouraged to participate in Welcome Week activities.

Before Welcome Week:

  • If you are living on campus, talk to your roommate
  • Turn in your immunization form to Health Services
  • If you are an athlete, have all your physicals and forms ready for the athletic department

Moving In:

  • Fall sport athletes will receive a letter from the athletic department with information on move-in dates
  • All other new students will move in on August 22. Detailed instructions will be mailed on August 1.
  • Have your items packed in containers that have been clearly marked with your name and room numbers.