Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit 

Use the Transfer Tool application to find out how courses from other institutions have been evaluated for transfer to Mount Mercy University.

Developmental, remedial, vocational, test out, or experiential learning college credit is not transferable to Mount Mercy.

A maximum of 63* semester hours (non-technical) from two-year, regionally-accredited, associate degree-granting institutions will be accepted.

There is no limit to the number of semester hours that will be accepted from a four-year, regionally-accredited institution.

Credit earned at non-regionally accredited institutions may be accepted in transfer on a case by case basis.

Transfer courses meeting the requirements noted above and completed with a grade of D- or better will be accepted at Mount Mercy. Whether or not the D- grade counts toward the major is up to the individual department.

Transfer course grades will be listed on the Mount Mercy transcript but will not count toward the cumulative grade point average.

Transfer courses marked with a double grade meeting the requirements noted above will have the higher grade transferred to Mount Mercy. For example, if a grade of CD has been assigned, the higher grade, C, will be placed on the Mount Mercy transcript.

*Some students will be eligible to transfer in more than 63 hours due to specific departmental policies. The Registrar's Office will make this determination during the official transcript evaluation.