Surgery motivates nursing student to help others

Sara Wolfe smiling while sitting in a tree

As a teenager, Mount Mercy University junior nursing student Sara Wolf, from Corning, Iowa, never thought that losing a body part would lead her on a path of helping others.

“On my 14th birthday I was hospitalized for an appendectomy. The nurses all got together and got me a bear and balloons for my birthday,” said Wolf. “They were so nice and went out of their way to help me. One nurse even took the time to French braid my hair.”

Wolf said that the care she received at the hospital made her realize that nursing would fit perfectly with what she wanted to do in life. “Every time the nurses came into my room, I felt comforted and cared for.”

Wolf is active in many organizations such as Best Buddies, Circle K, and Campus Ministry, just to name a few. She said that she doesn’t have a favorite group but is most interested in any organization where she can help people.

Wolf has attended many service trips on her breaks from school and said that her first service trip to Texas was the most eye-opening experience she has ever had.

“We went into the colonias to do some flood clean-up. On that day, we spent a majority of our time in a lady’s home to tear out walls and replace them,” she said. “She couldn’t speak English but we could tell she was thankful. The gentleman we were working with told us a little about her story.”

The man explained that the lady lived in the trailer, which had no running water, and it was not safe to go out at night because there weren’t any streetlights. “The living conditions in the area were horrible,” she said. “The injustice of it made me so mad, that so many people living in America could have so little while we have so much.”

Wolf said that pursuing a nursing degree allows her to help others while challenging herself at the same time.

“I have always wanted to do service and this made me realize how important helping others is, not only in our own communities but to help out wherever we can.”

This Student Profile was written by Cynthia Petersen, Editor-in-Chief, and was originally published in the Mount Mercy Times in the October 6, 2010, issue.