Success Tony Dickinson

If Tony Dickinson ’02 could relive his college years at Mount Mercy University, he would make a life-changing move: start his own business.

“I love entrepreneurship, and admire those who have had the courage and risk tolerance to start a business. The creativity and energy that exists at Mount Mercy would’ve been the perfect incubator for me to test and learn.”

Though dreams of owning his own business haven’t been realized just yet, Dickinson still feels that his professional experiences have led him to where he’s supposed to be. He currently serves as the vice president of strategy and business development for NCMIC Professional Solutions in Clive, IA, where he leads a team focused on helping NCMIC customers manage their own businesses by providing financial services so they can grow, hire, and become more efficient. 

“Mount Mercy is the place where you can do it all.”

Tony Dickinson, ’02
Business Administration / Public Relations
NCMIC Group, Inc.
Ankeny, Iowa

Prior to his role at NCMIC, Dickinson served as vice president and marketing manager for Wells Fargo Bank. He landed the position after beginning his career at Radio Shack in 2001 (when he was still going to school full-time). He became Radio Shack’s youngest district manager in company history after only two years, overseeing 47 stores and 250 team members across three states.

Dickinson credits his personal and professional success to the people he met and experiences he had at Mount Mercy. “The foundation for my adult life was established at Mount Mercy, and I’m forever grateful for that gift.”

His involvement with Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) as a college student, now known as Enactus, connected him to the broader world, teaching many valuable skills and lessons.

Tom Castle was instrumental in my success and maturation. He set an incredible example with his positivity and passion for life and helping others. Tom also worked with me to find the best internship option, and was flexible with my class scheduling to accommodate my work experiences.”

When not busy helping business owners improve revenue and growth, Dickinson spends time with his family—wife Kim, two sons, and one daughter. “I was pretty emotional when my son hit the game-winning jump shot in the quarterfinals of the first-grade basketball playoffs—and I was his coach.”

Dickinson also serves on boards for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa, Iowa Sports Foundation, and Mount Mercy Alumni. He has helped raise more than $50 million for nonprofits, mostly focused on youth and education.

As he thinks about his time at Mount Mercy, he encourages future graduates to take advantage of all that the university has to offer.

“Don’t sleep on all the opportunity around you. Don’t miss a chance to have a long conversation with a friend because you’re taking a nap. Don’t miss a chance to have coffee with President Hamen because you’re sleeping in. Don’t go to bed early when you could go for a drive with your roommates and explore Cedar Rapids. When you walk across the stage on graduation day, I hope you can say, ‘I did it all!’ Mount Mercy is the place where you can do it all.”

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