Success Tony Dickinson

If Tony Dickinson ’02 could relive his college years at Mount Mercy University, he would make a life-changing move: start his own business.

“Somewhere deep down I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and college would’ve been the perfect time to feed that spirit and feed off of the creativity and intelligence that reverberates throughout the Mount Mercy campus life.”

Though dreams of owning his own business haven’t yet been realized, Dickinson feels his vice president and marketing manager position at Wells Fargo Bank is where he is supposed to be. Wells Fargo allows him to practice what he loves: building.

“I love to build highly engaged and successful teams. I love to build brands that translate into high loyalty and affinity for our products, services and company. I love to build our communities by identifying needs and developing a plan and the appropriate parties to fulfill those needs.”

Dickinson landed his position at Wells Fargo after beginning his career with RadioShack in 2001. He went on to be the youngest district manager in the company’s history after being with the company for only two years, overseeing 47 stores and 250 team members throughout three states.

“Mount Mercy is where my foundation was laid for my future. The education, the experiences, the connections, the faith and the people provided the foundation that I have built my career and adult life upon. Without that rock solid foundation, I wouldn’t be where I am today and wouldn’t be who I am today.”

Tony Dickinson, ’02
Administrative Management
Vice President of Marketing
Wells Fargo Bank
Des Moines, Iowa

Dickinson credits his career success to the people he met and experiences he had at Mount Mercy.

“My Students in Free Enterprise—SIFE, now known as Enactus—experience was phenomenal. That experience connected me to the broader world and taught me many valuable skills and lessons. Tom Castle was instrumental in my success and maturation. Tom was an incredible example with his positivity and passion for life and helping others. Tom also worked with me to find the best internship option and was flexible in my class scheduling to accommodate my work experiences.”

He hopes students interested in coming to Mount Mercy understand the unique experiences that the university offers.

“Mount Mercy is the perfect place to become the perfect you—small enough that you will be counted and counted on, large enough that you will have opportunities and endless horizons. Explore all that the Hill has to offer. Explore all that your classmates have to offer.  Explore all that Cedar Rapids has to offer.  Explore all that the Mustang Family—faculty, staff, coaches, campus ministry and alumni—have to offer.”

Be a Mustang. Success Follows.