Success: Richard Kettelkamp

With attending both Mount Mercy and the larger universities for medical school, Richard Kettelkamp ’93 realized the advantages attending a small, private institution had on his education.

“I experienced both a university setting and a relatively small college, and I excelled here. It is because I am a type of person who gets lost in a class of 500 people. It was nice because I was able to focus on the information at hand, and it was nice because I wasn’t lost in the crowd.”

“The classes were challenging and prepared me for medical school.”

Dr. Richard T. Kettelkamp '93
Interventional & Endovascular Cardiologist, Director of Cardiac Catheterization Lab
UnityPoint Clinic
Cedar Rapids, IA

After graduating Mount Mercy, Kettelkamp continued his education by doing one year of clinical research at the University of Iowa before attending Des Moines University to obtain his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree. Following graduation, he attended the University of Missouri Kansas City to obtain his Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD). Kettelkamp then attended the University of Iowa to specialize in Cardiology before going into practice at UnityPoint Clinic in Cedar Rapids. Kettelkamp relates his current success to his educational experience at Mount Mercy. 

“I had great science professors. I excelled here, and I think to a very large degree I think it was because of the personal attention and the attention from the professors. The classes were challenging and prepared me for medical school,” Kettelkamp stated. “A particular example is Dr. Bernstein’s ecology class. We had to write a research paper and cite our references. That was a great preparation for the manuscripts I wrote during residency and fellowship.” 

For current high school students considering Mount Mercy, Kettelkamp recommends the university because of the personal attention you will receive and the quality of education.

“There is an expectation to be on top of the information. I like the personal attention. I like the small class size. I like that the professor was the one who actually lectures. That was a big plus,” Kettelkamp said. “For a person who wants to excel and have opportunities, this is definitely the place to go.”

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