Success: LeAnn Ridgeway

LeAnn Ridgeway ’86 enjoys her work at Rockwell Collins, but feels it couldn’t have started as smoothly as it did without the experience Mount Mercy gave her.

“I enjoy mentoring women at Rockwell and specifically helping them to navigate the male dominated culture,” Ridgeway said. “I want to make sure the true diversity of thought they bring to the business is heard, valued and recognized so that they can rise to their full potential.”

Since joining Rockwell back in 1988, Ridgeway has held various positions within the company. Each new position brought with it increasing responsibilities. She said Mount Mercy gave her the initial leg up on the competition, offering her the skills she needed to stand out.

“I thought Mount Mercy did an excellent job of preparing me for my first business jobs outside of college. The course work and curriculum provided with me with the right balance of knowledge and experience to hit the ground running on my first job at Rockwell Collins.

LeAnn Ridgeway, '86
Vice President and General Manager for Simulation and Training Solutions
Rockwell Collins
Sterling, Va.

“I remember being so thankful that our professors were up-to-date on the latest business tools and made us use these software tools in class for both analysis and presentations. It actually set me apart from other candidates and made the difference of me getting the job.”

In addition to providing the tools for success, Ridgeway also said Mount Mercy gave her the experience she needed for success. The instructors she had provided her a wide perspective and a well-rounded education. She said she really enjoyed the business faculty.

“They were a very diverse group and together they provided a well-rounded education that considered not only the academic side, but the experience side of business was also provided,” said Ridgeway. “It was great preparation for entering the business world post-graduation.”

Along with the experience she got from her professors, Ridgeway also encourages students to take advantage of all Mount Mercy has to offer. Those experiences helped shape her to who she is.

“My advice to students would be to take advantage of as many of the services you can from Mount Mercy,” she said. “Get involved, participate and network, because you are going to be able to draw on the resources of Mount Mercy as an alumni for a very long time after you graduate.”

Ridgeway believes Mount Mercy provided her all of the tools and experience she needed to graduate and succeed at her career. She encourages students to consider Mount Mercy.

“I would say to prospective students that I believe the culture that provided me all the tools I needed to be successful; caring environment, excellent academics, latest technology all still exists today,” Ridgeway said. “It's the total package for students who don't want to be just an anonymous face, yet want a great education.”

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