Success: Jason Connell

Throughout his 15-year career with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Jason Connell ’99 has worked in many different positions. From patrol officer to detective to search and rescue police officer, Connell uses the foundation and values he gained at Mount Mercy in his daily work.

Connell landed in Las Vegas after deciding to follow his family. He tested with Las Vegas’ department his senior year at Mount Mercy and was hired shortly after. Since being hired, Connell has worked as patrol officer, bike officer, detective, training and counseling officer at the police academy, field training officer, and has spent the last five years as a search and rescue police officer.

He credits more than one person with the success he’s had in his career; it was Mount Mercy’s dedicated community that showed him how to achieve what he wanted.“I enjoy having a complex mission with multiple skill sets to learn and stay proficient in,” Connell said.

“The pursuit of excellence the teaching staff and administrators strived to instill in their students was immeasurable. It wasn’t one person or event. It was a lot of people who showed me the right path to take and led by example. Specifically, my career path was impacted by my criminal justice professors Bob Engvall, Paul Louis and Deb Brydon.”

Internships at the U.S. Marshall Service and working as a reserve police officer for the Cedar Rapids Police Department also prepared Connell for his path in criminal justice.

“I was very fortunate to have many opportunities provided to me. The college offers more than just an education. You grow up at Mount Mercy. People go out of their way to help you in any way they can to see you be successful through your progression.”

Jason Connell, '99
Search and Rescue Police Officer
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Las Vegas, Nev.

Connell suggests that in order for students to succeed, they should take advantage of the opportunities Mount Mercy gives them—much like he did.

“Enjoy your time. Be involved in campus life. Take time to do something the college offers that you didn’t have where you came from. Give back to the community and help the college out whenever you can. Job shadow, don’t wait to start looking for jobs your senior year. Have a plan and go for it.”

Be a Mustang. Success Follows.