Christina Capecchi

Christina Capecchi ‘04 has used the skills and work ethic she learned on the Hill to take her all the way from the Mount Mercy Times to the New York Times.

“I was editor-in-chief of the Mount Mercy Times as a sophomore, which wouldn’t have been possible at a big university,” Capecchi said. “I learned so much from that role. Later, interning at the Gazette made me feel like a real journalist. My first article ran on the front page – such a thrill! In many ways, I launched my journalism career in Cedar Rapids.”

After graduating with a double major in English and communications, Capecchi moved to the Twin Cities, working as a reporter for two years before enrolling in the master’s program at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

“The beauty of being a journalist is that it sets me up to be a lifelong learner.”

Christina Capecchi '04
Nationally-Syndicated Columnist
Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

She now writes a nationally syndicated column Twenty Something and has contributed to many newspapers and online news sites including New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, and Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“My chief responsibility is sniffing out a good story and telling it well through a lively narrative and robust reporting,” Capecchi said. “The beauty of being a journalist is that it sets me up to be a lifelong learner.”

She said Mount Mercy gave her opportunities and a solid foundation to work from that has served her well over the years.

Joe Sheller (associate professor of communication) taught all my journalism classes, giving me instruction and support that were vital,” Capecchi said. “I also have to credit Mount Mercy’s excellent English department for enriching my appreciation of literature and sharpening my creative writing skills. I never missed a chance to meet the published author visiting campus.”

“You have to be a go-getter to succeed as a freelance writer and in self-employment at large, and my years at Mount Mercy gave me invaluable experience in taking initiative. The confidence Mount Mercy helped instill is a driving force.”

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