Bruce Kaiser '03

Mount Mercy University’s Business Administration courses prepared Bruce Kaiser ’03 for his professional life by emphasizing one important skill—leadership.

“My degree translated into experience, credibility, and networks that I could immediately put to use to achieve my goals.”

Bruce Kaiser ‘03
Vice President of Operations & Quality
Collins Aerospace
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Leading up to and during his time at Mount Mercy through the Accelerated Program, Kaiser spent nearly eight years working at Collins Aerospace. After graduation, he almost immediately transitioned into a new leadership position.

“I graduated in August of 2003 and was in a procurement leadership role in September of 2003,” Kaiser said. “After gaining procurement leadership experience, I transitioned to manufacturing leadership leading multiple teams of 150ish people while assisting with acquisitions.  That progressive leadership in manufacturing afforded me the opportunity to lead the Decorah Operations site, with 250 employees for several years.”

Not only are Kaiser’s leadership skills being used professionally, he continues to apply his leadership skills in daily life.

“Additionally, college is a time when you are searching for how you fit in to the world, to create a deeper connection to yourself and others,” said Kaiser, “I took ‘Who is Jesus’ as an elective that connected bible interpretation in a new and interesting way. I credit that class, in part, to a transition to a more faith-based life that helped me find God though other people searching for the same thing. Today, I lead worship in our local church.”

Kaiser credits his experiences at Mount Mercy University for his current successes.

“Every financial, tactical, and relationship issue I have the opportunity to influence daily was built through the experience I gained in the classroom,” said Kaiser. “The team-based approach for projects helped me meet leaders in multiple areas of the business (and the city). I work alongside these people today, and the quality of the program gives me confidence in those leaders as I hope it translates into their confidence in me.”

Kaiser would recommend Mount Mercy University to any student. He felt the accelerated program was an essential part in helping him maintain his personal and professional life, and it helped him to reach his full potential.

“I couldn't recommend the program more,” said Kaiser. “I have the opportunity to mentor folks who want to grow in their positions or into formal leadership positions.  I've consistently supported college experience as a way to gain a breadth of knowledge on key subjects in his personal goals in his career. If I had it to do all over again - I would.  My degree translated into experience, credibility, and networks that I could immediately put to use to achieve my goals and they can have the same impact on their life.”

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