Success Aaron Lacy

Before Aaron Lacy came to Mount Mercy University, he was unsure of his future. But because of supportive teachers, opportunities through Mount Mercy, and the drive to make people’s lives better, the 2014 graduate has been accepted into the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

When he came to Mount Mercy, Aaron’s original goal was to be a physical therapist. Mount Mercy’s career services connected him with a job shadow, and Aaron quickly realized physical therapy was not what he wanted to do. He then decided to pursue hands-on research opportunities at the university. After assisting faculty with research projects for two years, Aaron ultimately choose to focus on a career in medicine.

“Since I got to know my professors really well here, I was able to research for two years—during the summers after my freshman and sophomore years—but I learned that really wasn’t for me either, so then through further exploration I decided on medicine as my career.”

To get into medical school, a student must undergo years of preparation. With his well-rounded academic resume and involvement at Mount Mercy, Aaron was able to beat out thousands of applicants for a position in the University of Iowa’s medical school program.

“You really have to make sure you can stand out, so I did everything from student government to leadership positions, extracurriculars, service—all of the things you need to do to get in that were readily available to me here.”

During Aaron’s four years on campus he was midfielder for men’s soccer and a member of men’s track. He was an active leader in the Student Government Association and served as president during the 2013-2014 academic year. Aaron was also a student ambassador and member of the Science Club, STEPS, and Emerging Leaders.

“A lot of small schools look very similar. They all say the same things—we have small class sizes, our professors are really great and you can get involved—which is true of small schools, and especially Mount Mercy, but the one thing that I think makes Mount Mercy unique is the community. You can ask anyone here, and they will say it’s the best part about the school.”

Aaron Lacy, ’14
Medical Student
University of Iowa
Iowa City

Christine Lacy ’81, Aaron’s mom and alum of the university, understands Aaron’s strong feelings about the university. She is thankful for what Mount Mercy has provided her son.

“Aaron has shown tremendous growth during his time at Mount Mercy. Socially, he has established long-lasting friendships and has cultivated professional relationships with a variety of people including professors, staff, board members and fellow students, including many international students. He has embraced the Mount Mercy motto, ‘Our name is Mercy; Our Spirit is Compassion.’ I have been proud and amazed at his full level of involvement.”

Aaron almost missed the chance to be a part of Mount Mercy’s community due to finances, until he attended Scholarship Day.

“I would not have been able to afford to go to MMU, so I was going to go to UNI, but then after Scholarship Day, I was given a generous scholarship offer and with athletic assistance as well, it was actually much cheaper to attend MMU.”

Aaron started his medical school classes in fall of 2014. He hopes to change lives through medicine and credits his Mount Mercy education with providing him the high-quality skills needed to take the next step toward becoming a doctor.

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