Foster uses willpower, hope to pursue career in radio

Foster uses willpower, hope to pursue career in radio

When will-power and hope pass you by, you don’t even realize it. 

Taylor Foster, a junior communication studies major, considers these two powers his strengths in life. 

“Most people might think that I am just a huge fan of the Green Lantern, but my tattoos represent more than that,” Foster said.

Foster explains that it represents more than just a fictional character, but what he sees himself as, a combined image of will-power and hope, something that keeps him going in life. 

Foster became a fan of the Green Lantern during his freshman year of high school through a group of friends he had been hanging out with. 

Even though he is pursuing a degree in communication studies, Foster would like to pursue a career being a DJ in the radio world.

“I feel there is a great influence on people through radio, especially through the choice of music and song,” says Foster.  “It’s fun and you get to be yourself on the radio.” 

All forms of rock are favorites of Foster, although he says he has a tough time with handling the hardcore rock music. Foster can handle all sorts of music and would be comfortable being a DJ at any radio station, except for country and rap music stations. Foster says his favorite band is Ten Years.

“Their lyrics give you a lot of thought and that is something that has always drawn me to their music,” Foster said.

Besides going for his communication studies degree, Foster says he wants to pursue a minor in theatrics or acting. 

“I have been involved in theatrical productions since my time at Cedar Rapids Washington, being in a couple musicals.” 

It is not surprising that Foster came to Mount Mercy and made his first performance on the Mount Mercy stage during the student-directed, one-act plays last spring. Foster will be premiering in his first lead role as John Proctor in “The Crucible” this coming weekend at the McAuley theater.

“This is my first time taking on a role that is not comic,” Foster said.

Foster feels this role has something for him to prove as an actor.

“I encourage everyone to come out and see the production. It will be worth your time.”

In his time outside of school, Foster works as a baker at the Lindale Hy-Vee, located on Collins Road near Lindale Mall. This is a job he has had since his sophomore year of high school. 

“I love baking for people, especially outside of my job at Hy-Vee.”

Foster added his favorite items to bake at the bakery use combinations of peanut butter and chocolate. 

Even though it is a job that requires a lot of early hours, it is something that he has a passion for. 

“The appreciation for food comes from one of my mom’s old friends. He was a big fellow who introduced me to a lot of different foods.”

­You can see Foster in this weekend’s production of “The Crucible”. 

This Student Profile was written by Ben Wood, Editor-in-Chief, and was originally published in the Mount Mercy Times in the November 14, 2012, issue.