Student Profile: Management & Marketing Major

TJ Mosbach
Management / Marketing major

Management and marketing majorSenior TJ Mosbach came to Mount Mercy as a freshman student athlete. He will leave with a lot of valuable experiences gained through internships and his time spent as an athlete.

Mosbach, marketing and management double major, picked his areas of study from family and professor influences.

“Management I chose because of my dad—he’s an operations manager, so I always kind of looked up to him and thought it’d be kind of cool to do what he did,” said Mosbach.“ Professor Anne King really sold me on (marketing) and it’s really something that interests me. She’s a big reason I had internships in Cedar Rapids, so I thank her a lot for what she did for me.”

Throughout his four years at Mount Mercy, Mosbach completed three different internships in the Cedar Rapids area, and through those he found a passion for social media marketing.

“I’m very interested in thinking of creative things to do with (social media marketing),” said Mosbach. “I had an internship at de Novo Alternative Marketing that pretty much just dealt with their social media sites for clients, and I thought it was really interesting.”

He also did an internship at Rinderknecht Construction Company as a marketing support coordinator. There, he dealt with the company’s social media sites and went to jobsites to take pictures and show the company’s building progress. Also, Mosbach interned at Management Recruiters as an e-recruitment intern. His responsibility was to search LinkedIn and CareerBuilder and find people who were geared exactly for a position a client was looking to fill.

Mosbach was also a student-athlete all four years at Mount Mercy as a member of the cross-country and track teams.

“(Being a student athlete) really helped me be organized, especially time management. It’s not easy doing all these things: working, student activities, being an athlete and going to school, too,” said Mosbach. “It’s really helped me organize my life and help me with my future, especially with my future job.”

Mosbach said athletics will always be a big part of his life, and the memories will be something he always cherishes. Athletics has also taught him about dedication.

“You have to be dedicated in everything you do and it’s taught me when you see dedication you get results,” he said. “That’s especially what Mount Mercy has taught me in a whole—you get results when you put effort into something.”

After graduation, Mosbach will be starting out his professional career as a level one sales representative for Bisco industries, an international distributor of electronic components, circuit board hardware and fasteners.

“Mount Mercy has definitely helped me with interview skills and getting a job. They were very good at that,” said Mosbach. “My classes and Cheryl Redd in Career Services—I owe them a lot. They really did a lot to help me get where I’m at today.”

This Student Profile was written by Maddy Jones, Co-Editor, and was originally published in the Mount Mercy Times during the 2013-14 academic year.