Student Profile January Benjamin

Adult accelerated student juggles work, kids, school 

College can pose significant challenges in time management for many students. Add on a husband, two children and a full time job, and time management becomes an even bigger struggle.

January Benjamin is living proof that it is possible to balance the three and still finds time to enjoy hobbies while excelling in school.

Benjamin, named after a character in a movie that her father especially liked, had a first run at college in years past, but never finished. She is majoring in business and minoring in human resource management in the adult accelerated program at Mount Mercy.

In addition to attending school, Benjamin works at Rockwell-Collins as a proposal specialist and is a full-time mother to her two sons, 8-year-old Kade, and 5-year-old Carter.

A typical day for Benjamin starts in the early morning hours and continues into the late evening hours.

“My day starts at 5 a.m.,” she said. “I hope to get a good work out in, get the kids up, feed them breakfast, send them off to school, go to work, come home, take care of dinner, do laundry; all of those wonderful tasks, get some studying and start all over,” Benjamin continued.

Though Benjamin stays consistently busy between school, work and home, she still finds time to watch her sons participate in basketball, soccer, flag football and baseball.

“I love to watch them do their thing,” said Benjamin. “I don’t have much that I don’t do outside of them, I enjoy Hot Yoga at Heat Yoga Studios.”

In addition to enjoying time with her children and yoga, Benjamin finds an escape from everyday stresses by running.  She has competed in many local races such as Run the Flood, Marion Arts and Especially for You, but doesn’t have any plans to participate in any long runs in the near future.

“I prefer to just run around my neighborhood most,” Benjamin said. “It is just a great way for me to get out for 30 minutes and clear my head.”

Benjamin initially decided to attend Mount Mercy because of the adult accelerated program’s flexible schedule, but since has found additional benefits of a Mercy education.

“I tell everyone the same thing, you get out of it what you put into it,” Benjamin said. “I had a great experience at MMU. I met amazing people and have met life-long friends here.”

In June, Benjamin will start the MBA program at Mount Mercy.

“I am most apprehensive about getting it done,” she said. “By now it’s kind of a routine, the kids are used to it, so I want to keep it going.”

Mom, helpful and outgoing are three words those who are closest to Benjamin would use to describe her, but on May 19, they will all be able to add another word to the list; college graduate.

This Student Profile was written by Brittany Hubler, Campus Editor, and was originally published in the Mount Mercy Times in the May 6, 2013, issue.