Student Employment

Federal Work Study
The Federal Work Study program is based on financial need, which is determined by filing the FAFSA. Student eligibility depends upon the need for employment to defray educational expenses, with preference given to those with the highest financial need. Many students are offered employment as part of their financial aid award. Awards generally range between $1,000 and $2,000 per year with students working 6-10 hours per week. The student is expected to work during the hours agreed upon with the supervisor. Every effort will be made to place the student in a job related to his/her field of interest and/or past experience. However, there is no guarantee of employment or the amount the student will earn. The funds are only disbursed when the student works the required hours.

Campus Employment
Employment is available to students not eligible for Federal Work Study. The procedural guidelines for campus employment are the same as for the Federal work Study program.

Career Clicks
Search available employment opportunities in this list created by the Office of Career Services.
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