Sport, Health, and Exercise Psychology

Sport, Health, and Exercise Psychology Minor

Mount Mercy University’s Sport, Health, and Exercise Psychology minor encourages students to think critically about the effects of cultural and social influences on athletes and their sport.

One of only two undergraduate sport psychology programs in Iowa, students gain an understanding of key concepts through discussion, experiential learning, and hands-on activities.

Students will explore:

  • how sport enhances (or thwarts) whole person development.
  • assumptions and practices that often go unchallenged in sport, health, and exercise contexts.
  • how to make physical activity more inclusive.• self-regulation skills that can be used in all areas of life.

Flexibility makes a difference. Mount Mercy’s Sport, Health, and Exercise Psychology minor is ideal for enhancing many different areas of study. Nursing students may find Psychology of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation beneficial, while business students may choose Sports Marketing and Promotion.

Additional class options include:

  • Biological Psychology
  • Critical Perspectives in Sport and Physical Activity
  • Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics
  • Exercise Psychology
  • Financing Sports Organizations
  • Human Anatomy
  • Psychology of Coaching
  • Sports Law
  • Stress Management

 “As a former collegiate runner, I quickly realized that the psychological aspects played a profound role in both my performance and overall enjoyment of the sport. Someone can do all the right things physically, but if one is lacking in a key mental skill—like anxiety management, attentional focus, or confidence—the mind can work against you; therefore, I became interested in how you can get the mind to work for you.”

Dr. Matthew P. Bejar, Assistant Professor of Psychology