As a speech-drama major at Mount Mercy, you will focus on the oral tradition in society and learn how rhetoric and dramatic performance reflect and influence the world. The curriculum is designed to give you, the student, competence in oral communication, as well as an appreciation of the arts and drama. The courses are designed to help you obtain professional goals, stimulate your intellect, and enrich your aesthetic and spiritual experience.

You will gain insight into the performing arts of the theatre as well as using the oral tradition through speeches, films and literature read aloud. As you progress, you will become increasingly aware and knowledgeable of these oral modes.

Complementary majors/minors include English, psychology, communication and marketing. In addition, information on Mount Mercy’s speech communication minor and theatre minor can be found in the speech-drama section of the current catalog.

No matter what area of theatre you are interested in, be it acting, working backstage, or watching from the audience, the Drama Club at Mount Mercy has a role for you. Throughout the year, members participate in the University's main stage productions, perform at the monthly Montage, and take theatre to the Cedar Rapids community with the Children's Theatre Troupe. The club also offers opportunities to see local theatre as well as a yearly bus trip to the theatre district in Minneapolis.

The program also has a special relationship with Erskine and Arthur Elementary Schools. Local 3rd and 4th graders have a blast being a part our classes throughout the year! Both on and off campus, you will have numerous opportunities to gain invaluable experience while at Mount Mercy.