Busse Library provides this website as a resource for students and faculty seeking the locations of famous American speeches.

The Speaker-Name Index offers the ranked results of the project with links from names to the master list, which then displays full website and print resources.

This project is based upon the 1999 "Top 100 American Speeches of the 20th Century," a project of the communications departments of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Texas A&M University.

A full ranking of all the speeches and their texts can be found as the "Top 100 Speeches" at AmericanRhetoric.com.


Speaker Index: Name, Rank, Speech Title, and Date.

Agnew, Spiro. (#50) "Television News Coverage." 13 November 1969.

Bryan, William Jennings. (#45) Speech Accepting the Democratic Presidential Nomination. 8 August 1900. ("Against Imperialism")

Bush, Barbara. (#47) Commencement Speech at Wellesley College. 1 June 1990.("Choices and Change")

Carmichael, Stokely. (#65) "Black Power." October 1966.

Carter, Jimmy. (#90) Address to the Nation on Energy and National Crisis. 15 July 1979. ("A Crisis of Confidence")

Catt, Carrie Chapman.

--(#68) "The Crisis." 7 September 1916.
--(#75) "Address to the United States Congress." November 1917.

Chavez, Cesar. (#88) "Speech on Ending His Fast." 10 March 1968.

Chisholm, Shirley. (#93) "For the Equal Rights Amendment." 10 August 1970.

Clinton, Hillary Rodham. (#35) Address to the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women. 5 September 1995. ("Women's Rights are Human Rights")

Clinton, Bill. (#92) Speech at the Prayer Service for Victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing. 23 April 1995.

Conwell, Russell. (#24) "Acres of Diamonds." 1900-1925.

Cuomo, Mario.

Darrow, Clarence. (#23) Plea for Mercy at the Trial of Leopold and Loeb. 22-23, 25 August 1924.

Debs, Eugene V.

Eastman, Crystal. (#85) "Now We Can Begin." September-October 1920.

Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Faulkner, William. (#33) Speech Accepting the Nobel Prize in Literature. 10 December 1950.

Ferraro, Geraldine. (#58) Speech Accepting the Democratic Vice-Presidential Nomination. 19 July 1984.

Fisher, Mary. (#52) Speech to the Republican National Convention. 19 August 1992. ("A Whisper of AIDS")

Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley. (#89) Statement at the Smith Act Trial. 2 February 1953.

Ford, Gerald.

Gehrig, Lou. (#73) Farewell to Baseball. 4 July 1939.

Glaser, Elizabeth. (#81) Speech at the Democratic National Convention. 14 July 1992. ("AIDS: A Personal Story")

Goldman, Emma. (#67) Address to the Jury. 9 July 1917.

Goldwater, Barry. (#64) Speech Accepting the Republican Presidential Nomination. 16 July 1964. ("Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice")

Hill, Anita. (#71) Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. 11 October 1991.

Humphrey, Hubert. (#66) Speech at the Democratic National Convention. 14 July 1948. ("The Sunshine of Human Rights")

Jackson, Jesse.

Johnson, Lyndon B.

Jordan, Barbara.

Kennedy, Edward.

Kennedy, John F.

Kennedy, Robert F. (#17) Statement on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. 4 April 1968.

King, Martin Luther,Jr.

La Follette, Robert M. (#59) "Free Speech in Wartime." 6 October 1917.

Le Guin, Ursula.(#84) "A Left-Handed Commencement Address." 22 May 1983.

Lewis, John L. (#63) "Labor and the Nation." 3 September 1937. ("The Rights of Labor")

Long, Huey Pierce.

MacArthur, Douglas.

Malcolm X.

Marshall, George C. (#54) "The Marshall Plan." 5 June 1947.

Minow, Newton W. (#69) "Television and the Public Interest." 9 May 1961. ("A Vast Wasteland")

Nixon, Richard M.

Reagan, Ronald.

Richards, Ann. (#38) Keynote Speech to the Democratic National Convention. 18 July 1988.

Roosevelt, Eleanor.

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano.

Roosevelt, Theodore. (#16) "The Man with the Muckrake." 14 April 1906.

Sanger, Margaret.

Savio, Mario.(#80) "An End to History." 2 December 1964.

Shaw, Anna Howard. (#27) "The Fundamental Principle of a Republic." 21 June 1915.

Smith, Margaret Chase. (#41) "Declaration of Conscience." 1 June 1950.

Stevenson, Adlai. (#56) Speech Accepting the Democratic Presidential Nomination. 26 July 1952. ("Let's Talk Sense to American People")

Terrell, Mary Church. (#44) "What it Means to Be Colored in the Capital of the United States." 10 October 1906.

Truman, Harry. (#32) Address to Congress on Greece and Turkey. 12 March 1947. ("The Truman Doctrine.")

Welch, Joseph. (#99) Defense of Fred Fisher at the Army-McCarthy Hearings. 9 June 1954. ("Have You No Sense of Decency?")

Wiesel, Elie. (#95) "The Perils of Indifference." 12 April 1999.

Wilson, Woodrow.