Sociology Job Possibilities

Equipped with a degree in sociology, opportunities exist in business, government, and the nonprofit sector. Working as a researcher in the public or private sector, as a public relations or advertising professional, as a consultant of a city planner, as a school teacher, as a social worker, or as a lawyer are a few of the possibilities. You can also run for elected office, work as an affirmative action specialist or personnel coordinator, a statistician or a legislative aid, a human rights worker or a community or labor organizer. Some graduates start their own business or become a supervisor or manager for a large business. In short, you can do most things for a living that you can do with any number of other degrees.

In addition, the program provides the basis for graduate studies in sociology leading to teaching and research positions in higher education. Graduates from Mount Mercy are now working as:

  • A domestic violence/crisis case manager, Wisconsin
  • A correctional officer, Colorado
  • A contract administrator, Intermec Technologies
  • A job development specialist for Goodwill Industries, Iowa
  • A residence hall director, Wartburg College, Iowa
  • An admissions manager, U of Phoenix, Arizona

What our graduates say

“The Sociology professors provoke thought on a variety of social, economic, and political issues…The end result is that sociology gave me tools and concepts to look objectively at all positions of sociological issues, to be socially conscious and be of service to those in need, and most importantly, improve as a person.”

– Bradley Ciha ’08, pursuing research for an upcoming book