Sociology | Internships

Mount Mercy students have recently interned as:

  • Crisis counselor, Foundation 2, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Child protective services intern, Clark County Social Services Dept., WI
  • Victim-witness coordinator assistant, Johnson County Attorney’s Office, Iowa City, IA
  • Area Cultural Alliance, Cedar Rapids, IA



A vital component of the Sociology major is the required internship experience. Most Sociology internship placements are with local government agencies, private companies, and/or non-governmental organizations (NGOs); where students gain valuable work experience. In consultation with their academic advisor and Program Coordinator, students will start targeting internship opportunities in advance of the semester in which they would like to intern. Students are advised to start looking for internships early, as it may take some time to find a placement and internship opportunities fill up fast.

Internship Requirements

Students are required to work three hours per week throughout the internship semester for an average of 110-120 hours per semester (12 weeks/semester). Successful completion of internship entails the following:

  • Journal: Students will track each day of their intern work with descriptive entries in a journal. The journal should be typed and will be submitted for review.
  • Reflection paper: This 5-10 page paper draws on the student experience, and is a critical analysis of the internship documented in the journal. The paper should include student’s self-evaluation, a brief synopsis of tasks and responsibilities, things learned and skills developed. The paper should also contain a brief evaluation of the quality of field supervision.
  • Internship site history and organizational structure paper: Using available agency/organization archives and other sources, this 5-10 page paper will document the internship site’s history, its evolution, and organizational and operational structure, and provide a brief critical evaluation of its organizational and operational structure with suggestions for improvement, if any.

Field supervisor’s evaluation: Student-interns advisor or Program Coordinator will send this form directly to the internship field supervisor, who will then return the completed form at the conclusion of the internship.

Student-interns grade will be determined by the field supervisor’s evaluation of her/his performance, as well as the quality of the written journal and papers outlined above. For a list of available Sociology internship sites contact Dr. Mohammad Chaichian, Program Coordinator.