Send your Employees for a MIS Degree

In today's business world, computers are everywhere. Just when you get used to one system, the technology changes and you have to scramble to bring your employees up to speed or find replacements. If your managers have a strong background in technology management, they can adapt to those changes more efficiently and without wasting your money.

Most companies want to know that their managers are well educated and ready to face the technological changes presented by the world. Sometimes, this means giving training to your existing employees. Education benefits can go well beyond this, though.

A typical education benefit program involves the company paying for all or part of the employee's tuition. The amount paid by the company usually hinges on the performance of the worker as a student, i.e. an A grade get's 100% reimbursement but a B grade only gets 90%, and so forth. The more dedicated workers are more likely to participate. The employer will usually make accommodations for the employee's class schedule.

The obvious benefit of an educated worker is that the worker has greater skills. Such workers are also more likely to have greater loyalty to the employer. They are less likely to leave while still in school because of the value of the education benefit. It is also common for the benefit to be tied to a contract requiring the employee to stay a specific amount of time after completing the degree.

Education benefits also help companies to recruit ambitious, hard working employees who value education. That gives you an edge when recruiting. Many companies require that a person be employed there for a specified amount of time before giving the education benefits. This gives them a chance to verify the worker's future with the company before investing resources.

The Mount Mercy University Managemant Information Systems program is a wonderful program for working people. We are centrally located in Cedar Rapids with plenty of commuter parking. Most of the MIS courses take place in the late afternoon and early evening. We make it as easy as possible for you to send your employees for a continued education at a reputable school.

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