Scholarshare Volunteers

Scholarshare donors make the dreams of a Mount Mercy education a reality.

Scholarshare is our peer-to-peer business solicitation program designed to not only raise scholarship dollars for deserving students, but also to share information with community leaders about Mount Mercy’s community impact and mission. An investment in Mount Mercy University supports the future growth and prosperity of the Eastern Iowa Corridor. 

Highway Equipment Company has issued a $5,000 challenge match for our 2013-2014 campaign!   They will match new donations up to $5,000 and we thank them for their generous support!

Our Goal for the campaign this year is $85,000.00 in scholarships.  I will keep you updated weekly throughout the campaign so we can celebrate our progress together.

Many thanks for agreeing to help us provide the means for so many deserving students to receive a Mercy education. Thanks in advance for helping us transform lives!

Executive Committee

We are extremely fortunate to have this year’s campaign led by the Scholarshare Executive Team of:
  • Karen Woodhouse Jahlas '84, Bankers Trust, Chair 
  • Kathleen Ebel Harriott '87, Chair Elect
  • Rick Berndt, Shive-Hattery, Inc., Past Chair 


The Mount Mercy community extends a special thank you to the following volunteers who made 2013-14 Scholarshare calls on area businesses:

  • Thomas Amosson
  • Conrad Baumler
  • Margaret Huber Bradke '76
  • Patrick Courtney
  • Peggy Bruns Detweiler '92
  • David Drewelow
  • Katherine Welter Fowler '13
  • Leo Frazier
  • Scott Friauf
  • Timothy Gassmann
  • Emily Greiner '12
  • Stephen Groenewold '05 '11
  • Bradly Groothuis '13
  • Robert Hackney '81
  • Kalli Harriott '14
  • Daniel Huber '85
  • Nichole Jaeger '05
  • Mary Bliesmer Kapler '91
  • Lisa Karr
  • Randalle Seeley Knapp '12
  • Kellie J. Lala '89
  • C. John Linge
  • J. Shawn Lueth
  • Van Miller
  • Cody Nie '14
  • Darla Deal Petersen '87
  • Connie Richardson '81
  • Jean McDermott Rogers '74
  • Patrick St. John
  • Sister Sharon Sutherland '71
  • Marcie Van Note
  • John Wasson
  • Mark Watson
  • Michael Wehr '03
  • Robb Wessels
  • John Weyer
  • Virginia Wilts

To learn more about Mount Mercy's Scholarshare campaign, please contact:

Rachel Lee
Annual Giving Coordinator
Warde 519
319-363-1323 ext.1607