Public Relations Job Possibilities

This major demonstrates how communication is involved in maintaining positive relationships between organizations and their publics. Students develop competence through understanding key concepts and strategic planning in public relations, and through mastering skills used in traditional public relations tactics. Real world projects and internships promote the linkage between classroom theory and everyday public relations practice.

Students who graduate with a public relations major may be employed in traditional public relations positions (media relations, employee relations, community relations, event planning, fund raising, corporate communications, etc.) 

What Our Graduates Say:

"Because Mount Mercy is so well-connected in the community, you will have many opportunities for great internship experiences and other community activities. Mount Mercy not only equips you with the practical knowledge in public relations but also with general life skills you will find useful after you leave campus and the hands-on experience in the field that will give you confidence when you move into your first job after graduation."
– Lindsay Dick '08
Creative Services Manager
GreatAmerica Leasing