Public Health

Public Health

Public health protects the safety and improves the health of communities through education, policy making, and research for disease and injury prevention.

Mount Mercy’s bachelor of science in public health prepares students to engage in addressing the world’s most pressing health problems. Our multi-disciplinary program includes training in improving and protecting the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations both locally and globally.

Graduates acknowledge that public health initiatives improve global health, affect environmental health, reduce the impact of natural disasters and global epidemics,address health disparities, and create healthier communities.

Students can major or minor in public health and will gain skills in critical analysis, strategic communication, advocacy, activism, global and community awareness, and health policy development.

Fast Facts

  • MMU is one of two private universities in Iowa offering an undergraduate degree in public health.
  • Student majoring in nursing, social work, business, science, or health care programs may find an excellent second major or minor in public health.
  • Mount Mercy’s strong ties to local government and health care organizations give students a wide array of internship opportunities, allowing for real-world experience.
  • MMU’s 25+ student organizations, including MMUANS and Enactus, enable students to explore their individual interests.


What can I do with a public health major?

Graduates of MMU’s public health program may explore employment in public health agencies, health care environments, and human service agencies as well as be prepared for graduate programs, lawschool, and further medical professional programs.

Internships & Experience

Through service and internship opportunities in local hospitals, community clinics, and human service agencies, students work directly with a diverse population in the rapidly-changing health care arena. These experiences give students an advantage finding careers in public health agencies, research centers, government agencies, schools, and beyond.

“At Mount Mercy, my advisor and mentors have encouraged me to define my career goals in the abstract, and then build my career trajectory around those terms.”

— Tessa Friason ’16
Community Health Nurse II
Lane County Government
Eugene, Oregon

College of Distinction