Psychology | Job Possibilities

As a graduate of Mount Mercy’s psychology program, you will be prepared for entry-level positions in the human services field, business world, and graduate school. Additionally, social service and government agencies are prime employers of psychology majors.

Graduates of Mount Mercy’s program are now working at:

  • Tanager Place, youth service worker
  • REM Development Center, unit coordinator
  • ADAPT of Illinois, mental health professional
  • Cedar River Paper, human resources staff member
  • Lutheran Social Services, a caseworker

What our graduates say

“Mount Mercy gave me the chance to take different subjects in the field of psychology, which allowed me to find the area that interested me the most. The internship that I had allowed me a chance to be out in the field first-hand and helped me better prepare for my current position at Tanager Place.”

– Alicia Greenwood ’03, Caseworker, Tanager Place