For Prospective Transfer Students

Spring 2011

Dear Kirkwood Student:
Are You Interested in PSYCHOLOGY?
If you are considering finishing a four-year degree in Psychology, I would like you to take
a close look at our program. For years, Mount Mercy and Kirkwood Community College
have worked closely to assure a workable transfer arrangement. Mount Mercy’s Psychology
faculty are experienced teachers and practitioners. We will work with you to finish your
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and prepare you for graduate school or for work in human
service agencies at the Bachelor’s level.

Transferring to the Mount Mercy Psychology program involves some planning. I want to use
this letter to explain what it takes.

Q.Will my credits transfer to Mount Mercy?
Yes. Although all transferable courses will show on your transcript, a maximum of 63
semester hours is allowed toward the University graduation requirements of 123
semester hours. Psychology courses transferred to Mount Mercy will count toward
the Psychology major, if you have earned at least a "C" in courses that are equivalent
to our Psychology courses.

Q.Will my Kirkwood courses transfer to the Psychology major?
Yes, several of Kirkwood’s courses are equivalent to courses in the Mount Mercy
Psychology major. Attachment A is the list of courses offered in Psychology at Mount
Mercy. The following Kirkwood courses transfer directly to the major and reduce the
number of Psychology courses you need take at Mount Mercy:
PSY 111 Intro to Psychology = PS 101
PSY 121 Developmental Psychology = PS 124
PSY 241 Abnormal Psychology = PS 306
PSY 251 Social Psycholog y= PS 221
EDU 240 Educational Psychology = ED 253
Note: In preparation for Psychology Statistics at Mount Mercy, you should take MAT 157,
Statistics, to meet your math requirement at Kirkwood.

Q.Are there any courses that Mount Mercy requires that I cannot get at Kirkwood?

Yes, the Mount Mercy Psychology Major requires several more courses than those
offered at Kirkwood. If you have completed less than 9 semester hours of Psychology
when you transfer to Mount Mercy, you will need to take PS 102, Orientation to
Psychology. You also will need to complete courses in the areas entitled Required
Courses, Perspectives Courses, Focus Courses, and Topics Courses, as shown in

Q.Will my core liberal arts courses satisfy core curriculum requirements?

If you are in the Arts and Sciences program and will earn an AA degree, almost all
your core curriculum requirements will be fulfilled. After your AA in Arts and
Sciences, you will need to take a Religion or a Philosophy course from the Ultimate
Questions Domain at Mount Mercy, and a one credit hour Mercy Experience
Capstone course. If you are not Arts and Sciences and did not earn an A.A., you will
need to take more Core Curriculum courses at Mount Mercy. You could ask for
assistance from Kathleen Van Steenhuyse, Dean of Social Sciences and Career
Options Programs (319) 398-4969,, Laura Riley in the
Advising Center (319) 398-5540,, Mike Russ at the Mount
Mercy Admissions Office (319) 363-8213, x6460,, or Don
Damsteegt, Psychology Coordinator at Mount Mercy (319) 363-8213, x1249,

Q.How long will it take me to graduate if I transfer?

Students who transfer 63 semester hours into Mount Mercy can finish the
requirements for a BA in Psychology in two years. The key is planning and making
sure you complete courses to stay in sequence. Some of our courses are offered only
one time per year.

Q.If I am accepted to MMU, am I accepted into the Psychology major?

Yes. The Psychology Major at Mount Mercy has no formal application requirements.

Q.With whom do I talk with about transferring?

You can contact MMU’s Admissions office (319-363-8213, x6460) for information
about transferring to the University and about financial aid. You are also invited to
visit our campus in person so that you can talk to a Psychology faculty member in

We hope this helps you decide to consider the Mount Mercy Psychology Program.
Don Damsteegt, PhD, Dennis Dew, PhD, Ron Feldt, PhD
Psychology Faculty at Mount Mercy

The Psychology Major at Mount Mercy


INSTRUCTION: Write the number of credit hours earned on the appropriate lines. In
order to complete the Major in Psychology, 36 credit hours are needed.
Note: Check MMU Catalog for prerequisite(s) for each course.
Required Courses:
____PS 101 Introductory Psychology
____PS 102 Orientation to Psychology (1 credit) (Not required of students who have already successfully
completed 9 credit hours of Psychology courses)
____PS 124 Developmental Psychology
____PS 325 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (complete before or during junior year)
____PS 345 Psychological Research Methods (complete before or during junior year)
____PS 450 Senior Seminar
Perspectives Courses: (Select 2)
____PS 306 Abnormal Psychology
____PS 319 Classic Theories of Personality
____PS 371 Introduction to Counseling

Focus Courses: (Select 2)
___ PS 217 Positive Psychology
___ PS 221 Social Psychology
___ PS 286 Biological Psychology
___ PS 385 Cognitive Psychology

Topics Courses (Select 2) (Courses from the Perspectives and Focus lists
above may count for these courses)
____PS 214 Psychology of the Middle School Student
____PS 215 Adolescent Psychology (students cannot take both PS 214 and PS 215)
____PS 349 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
____SW 245 Basic Helping Skills
____PS 401-403 Directed Readings in Psychology (Apply NO LATER than 1 week after
final exams)
____PS 411 Practicum in Psychology (1 credit) (Apply NO LATER than 1 week after final
____PS 413 Internship in Psychology (Apply NO LATER than 1 week after final
____PS 425 Research Seminar
____PS 441-443 Independent Study in Psychology (Apply NO LATER that 1 week
after final exams)

One of the following may be counted as a Topics course:
____ED 253 Educational Psychology/Exceptional Learners
____BI 357 Animal Behavior
Revised 3/10/2011