Professional Development School

Professional Development School

Mount Mercy University partners with Regis Middle School and Center Point-Urbana schools to offer a Professional Development School (PDS) model for teacher preparation.

Mount Mercy is one of a very few of colleges in the state participating in such a collaboration.

This program provides Mount Mercy education students the opportunity to apply the theory and content they learn in class directly into the district classroom settings. In turn, K-12 students benefit from additional instruction and support provided by Mount Mercy’s teacher interns.

Junior secondary education students work with Regis Middle School, while half of the elementary education students work with Center Point-Urbana Primary School. The other half work with Center Point-Urbana Intermediate School during spring term.

Students take some of their university-level classes at the assigned school and then transition directly into the local classroom to apply the teaching techniques hands-on with children in the school district’s classrooms.

The PDS collaborations have been in place since 2012, and are proving to fulfill multiple needs for both the schools and the university.

“Having the students from Mount Mercy in our classrooms allows for different, fulfilling experiences. The college learners bring new teaching elements into the classroom that helps keep our young minds alert and interested.” - Beth Globokar, Regis Middle School Principal

“The college students respond well to the hands-on training afforded by this partnership, and our students benefit from the interaction with Mount Mercy’s students.” - Ann Wooldridge, Center Point-Urbana Primary School Principal

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