Pre-health students pursue coursework that prepares them for entrance into professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, chiropractic medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Pre-pharmacy is also an option chosen by science majors. Medical laboratory science is another career path.

These programs require specific courses and high grades while placing high value on upper level challenging coursework all available at Mount Mercy. In addition, job shadows, volunteerism, internships, job experience, and research are all desirable for admission to these highly competitive programs.

Pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-optometry, pre-podiatry, and pre-veterinary medicine : Students can choose between three majors and minors. Majors in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry  are available along with minors in biology and chemistry. Double majors or combinations of a major and minor are easy to accomplish with planned advising from the first term and steady progress.  

Pre-physician assistant: While the admission requirements for pre-physician assistant programs are somewhat less than that of medical schools, the competition to gain admission to these programs is intense. 

Pre-chiropractic: Chiropractic programs differ in their admission standards. Most students would be advised to pursue a major in biology with three courses in chemistry. Coursework would include Foundations of Biology and Scientific Inquiry 1-3, human snatomy, human physiology, and two courses in physics. 

Pre-physical therapy: Students who wish to enter physical therapy programs often major in biology and consider a second major or minor in psychology.    

Pre-occupational therapy: While pre-occupational therapy students are usually within the science program, much emphasis for admission is placed on psychology coursework. A double major in psychology and biology would be ideal for this career path, but students may elect to earn a psychology  degree and biology minor. Another option would be a psychology major and only a few science classes such as include Foundations of Biology and Scientific Inquiry 1, Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology. Two terms of Physics would be an asset as would coursework in Chemistry. Programs differ in their admission requirements and it is advisable to check coursework required by the programs for which you intend to apply.

Pre-pharmacy: Students who wish to enter pharmacy school would be advised much the same as the pre-medical students, however, the coursework in physics and psychology are not as critical. Pharmacy programs require thorough backgrounds in advanced chemistry and biology coursework. A double major in biology and chemistry or biochemistry would be desirable.

These are highly competitive programs that require careful planning to enroll in the correct courses in sequence, diligent study, and research and job experiences. Mount Mercy’s faculty work closely with students from their first day forward to help students achieve their goals in four years.