Courses designated Mercy Experience (ME) in the catalog are a key component of Mount Mercy's Core Curriculum. They engage students in an active learning environment, with course themes derived from critical social justice and global concerns of the Sisters of Mercy.

The 2013-14 Portal Courses are:

  • Sharing The Earth With Animals
  • Rogues, Rebels, And Accidental Discoveries: The Crooked Path to Creativity
  • Ethnic Iowans: Diversity Issues in the New Millennium
  • Cities, Sewers And Shots: Health Protection
  • Immigrants and Literacy: In Pursuit of the American Dream
  • Avatars Of Good and Evil: Media Stereotypes vs. Reality
  • Why A Mercy Education?
  • Poor Women, Poor Family, Poor Work
  • Screen Icons: A Cultural & Aesthetic Study
  • The Religious Roots of Political Involvment
  • Talking in "She" and "He": Gender Communication in College and Beyond
  • Water - A Shared Responsibility
  • Law Ungendered: History of the Legal Status of U.S. Women