Political Science Internship Program

A wide range of internships are available to political science majors and minors. These internships can be undertaken in the Cedar Rapids area or in Washington, D.C.

Students can customize their internship experience to their specific interests and career needs. Internships are a great opportunity to learn about the political process, explore career avenues, and network with professionals in the field. Students are encouraged to take on a public service internship any time after their freshman year. During the entire process, students will be assigned an internship advisor and will work closely with the Career Services office to identify an internship that fits their interests, develop an application package, and acquire other important professional skills. Students are however responsible for meeting all deadlines and internship requirements, both before and during their appointment. Students should also feel free to identify internship opportunities on their own, but should submit them for approval to their internship advisor before the start the appointment. 

 Political science students have completed public service internships in:

  • US Congressional offices, the state legislature, and local government offices
  • The courts
  • Non-profit and grassroots organizations
  • Campaign offices
  • Government agencies

We are also very happy to offer students the opportunity to participate in a Washington DC, Summer Internship Program or Washington Semester Program available through American University. Students have had the opportunity to intern for such organizations as:

  • the White House
  • Congressional and Senate offices
  • the Democratic National Committee
  • the Republican National Committee
  • federal courts
  • various federal agencies and departments, think-tanks, and non-profit organizations.

Students enrolled in the program also complete a 3-credit course in a area of interest and have the opportunity to complete an additional research seminar. The program offers multiple opportunities to attend lectures and workshops with top academics and professionals in the field. The program also aims to help students indentify career opportunities and develop professional skills.