Political Science Areas of Emphasis

First, you will begin with foundation courses in four major fields:  

  • American politics: the study of American political institutions and processes 
  • Comparative politics: the comparative study of governments and politics around the world
  • International politics: the study of the interaction between governments, international organizations, and non-government organizations
  • Political philosophy: the study of fundamental political ideas and ideals

Second, select your electives and tailor the major to your interests. The major is flexible, requiring students to take five (5) additional electives, two (2) of which can be in other related disciplines. Students can focus on specific areas of interest such as:

  • American government and institutions
  • Public policy and public administration
  • Law and courts
  • International relations, globalization, and foreign affairs
  • Comparative government and policies
  • Elections and voting behavior 

Students also have the opportunity to complete an internship or an independent study course tailored to their specific interests. 

Additionally, a research methods course and an advanced seminar is required, normally taken during your senior year. These courses are intended to help you hone in on your analytical, communication, and computer skills. They are intended to give you valuable experience in conducting independent study and help you select a post-graduation career path.