Pladna Student Profile

Mount Mercy freshman fools most

6-foot-5 inches, and a solid 285 pounds are dimensions and adjectives that most people would associate with a football player. For one Mount Mercy University freshmen these qualities are attached to something quite the opposite of football.

Adam Pladna, an elementary education major from Clinton, Iowa, has never been fond of the concept of football. “I just didn’t like it. I’m a big, gentle giant.”

In high school, Pladna was active in his high school choir, band and bowling.  Pladna has always loved bowling and during his high school career he achieved second team all-conference.  Here at Mount Mercy, Pladna is involved in the bowling team, where he is anticipated to be an important asset.

“He is so accepting to coaching, anything we have him try he does without questions,” said head bowling coach Glenn Healy.

Healy predicts that Pladna will have an average score of around 200 for the season, and labels him as a strong player.

During a team building exercise Pladna had to reveal two facts about himself, one of those had to be an awkward fact.  For this, Pladna revealed to all of his teammates that he had never played football. He is used to people assuming he is a football player and it is usually the first thing people ask him.

“It’s funny to see their reaction,” Pladna said in reference to telling others he is in fact not a football player.

Despite being the biggest on the team, Pladna is also the youngest.  He started out the season at  just 17 years old and recently celebrated his 18th birthday on Sept. 15.  Pladna’s coach and teammates are still trying to think of a nickname to give him based on his age and size.

Pladna prides himself on bowling a 300 game, which is a perfect score, and considers that his most proud accomplishment in his young bowling career.  Despite bowling a perfect game, he is not shameless.  One time when Pladna was going to release the ball it got stuck on his finger, flew off and went rolling backwards. 

Upon graduation, Pladna plans to become an elementary school teacher and move out of Iowa but remain somewhere in the Midwest.  Though he is unsure if bowling will be a part of his future, it is a very big part of his past and present that will provide many good times for him throughout his college career.  Though many things are unsure for this freshman elementary education major, there is one thing that will probably always be certain: people will always be surprised when they find out 6-foot-5, 285 pound Adam Pladna is not, and never has been, a football player.

This Student Profile was written by Brittany Hubler, Campus Editor, and was originally published in the Mount Mercy Times in the September 19, 2012, issue.