Studying piano at Mount Mercy offers many dynamic opportunities for students of all levels of experience, from the student with no prior musical training to the advanced student preparing for graduate studies in music. Every student is unique in their proficiency and goals, and the one-on-one nature of piano lessons allows the instruction to be tailored to each individual.

Intermediate and advanced students study repertoire primarily in the classical genre with a focus on developing the cornerstones of musicianship: a thoughtful mind, a strong ear, and a solid technique. Beginning students are introduced to reading music and taught efficient, productive methods of practicing. Students may enroll in music lessons for as many semesters as they wish, and many study for the duration of their time at Mount Mercy.

In addition to focusing on solo piano repertoire, students at Mount Mercy have the opportunity to study collaborative piano. Collaborative music requires a different skill set than solo music, and therefore requires an instructor with experience in this setting. Studying collaborative piano can prepare a student for a number of endeavors, including a graduate program in the field, serving as an accompanist for church or community choirs, or developing the skills necessary to be a K-12 or private music teacher.