The Office of Marketing & Communications may be able to photograph your high-profile events for use in news pieces, social media and university marketing materials. High-profile events include Thanksgiving Dress Dinner, Vegas Night, well-known/famous guest speakers, etc.

Please notify marketing of photography wishes at least two weeks prior to your event.

If marketing staff is not available for coverage, Mount Mercy staff may use the marketing camera to cover their event and return the camera immediately following. Many mobile devices such as iPhones or other smart phones are capable of capturing high-quality images as well.

You are encouraged to share your photography with the marketing team – experiences like service trips, study abroad, in addition to events can be shared via Marketing Request.

If non-students will be present at your event (i.e. alumni, minor children, current students’ family/friends, community members) please utilize the media release form to gain permission to use likenesses publically.

Download the Media Release Form