Although the study of philosophy is best pursued for its own sake, it is also worthwhile in many other ways.

Job Possibilities
Applied philosophy majors have an array of career opportunities available including teaching, law, social service, journalism and ministry.  Research shows that, nationally, philosophy majors earn more in salary at mid-career and over the course of a career than most other college majors.  Recent philosophy majors from Mount Mercy have begun their careers in management for companies like Horizons, ASAC, Mercy Hospital System, Brucemore, and Veterans Administration, as well as being programmers, attorneys, and church staff.

Students who study applied philosophy at Mount Mercy have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member on a major interdisciplinary research project during their senior year.

Study Abroad
A variety of study abroad opportunities allow students to study in the same locations great philosophers have studied. Depending on their second major, students have the option to study in places such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, and the Czech Republic.

Student Clubs
Philosophy majors are active in many ways on campus. Philosophy students have served as editor to the campus newspaper, acted in student drama productions, and are also student athletes. Philosophy majors also gather once a semester at a faculty member’s home for dinner together, as well as frequently in faculty offices for philosophical discussions.