By the time you graduate from Mount Mercy, you:

  • Will have read some of the most difficult texts that human civilization has produced
  • Will have thought deeply and carefully about some important issues and have applied that thought to real life situations
  • Will have had YOUR logic evaluated many times
  • Will have researched and written reams
  • Will have had to speak before a crowd about difficult topics

These skills signal to any employer that philosophy majors can think, read, write, and speak well. These are basic skills that surveys of employers show are in demand. You will be ready for wherever your life takes you next.

There are also career benefits from majoring in philosophy. Students gain crucial expertise in critical thinking, and find that they have an advantage in graduate school admissions tests, like the GRE and the LSAT. In fact, when law school deans were recently surveyed about what they were looking for in prospective students, English and Philosophy were named as the top two majors. Mount Mercy graduates have done quite well in law school, and have scored among the top in the country on their ethics exams. A philosophy major will also signal to a graduate school that an applicant is capable of deeply abstract and logical thought, and that she or he has broad intellectual interests.

When you graduate with a major in applied philosophy from Mount Mercy, you will have developed an ability to think critically and objectively. Graduates who major in philosophy enjoy successful careers in a wide range of fields and are well prepared to pursue a graduate degree in law, business or the liberal arts.

What our graduates say:

"I view my philosophy degree as a foundation on which to build an ethical and thoughtful personal and professional life. The insight my degree has given me helps me think critically and problem-solve, no matter what situation I find myself in."
– Elizabeth Meriwether '08
Business Development and Quality Improvement Coordinator
Mercy Care North Liberty